What is hypoxie training?

Hypxoie training = breathing air with low oxygen

Hypoator - Hypoxietraining

Traditionally, athletes had to travel to or live at high elevations such as the alps to obtain the performance enhancements and health benefits associated with altitude training. Today atheltes can access altitude any time, thanks to patented technology by Hypoxator that alters the oxygen content of ambient air. The air at sea level contains approximately 21% oxygen. With our technology we can reduce the percentage of oxygen in the air to mimic virtually any altitude from sea level to 8000 meter Mount Everest level.

Exposure to hypoxie air trough one of our various altitude simulation systems stimulates the onset of a range of physiological adaptions within the human body. These adaptions serve to enhance the efficiency of the body´s respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen utilization systems. Our technology is a natural biological tool designed to tune up a person´s internal engine. Just as with a car, when your engine is tuned, it will run stronger, more efficiently and will produce fewer toxic by-product