Benefits of hypoxie training

When the body is exposed to altitude it struggles to produce required amounts of energy with less available oxygen. Over time, it adapts to this condition by increasing pulmunary oxygen absorption, escalading the absorption efficiency and oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, and increasing the efficiency of oxygen utilization within the cells.

HypoxieHypoxie training has been proven to stimulate the follow ing physiological effects

  • Increased erythropoietin production providing larger hematocrit levels and enhanced brain function.
  • Increased tissue capillary density, boosting oxygen and energy substrate delivery to muscels
  • Increased number and efficiency of mitochnondria (the body´s principal oxygen sink and energy producer)
  • Decreased average heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increades release of Human Growth Hormone
  • Stimulate of the fat-burning process
  • Reduce blood lactate at a given workload
  • Improved blood buffering capability
  • Reduction of asthmatic complaints


The physiological effects allow an athlete the follow ing benefits

  • Increased VO2max (maximum rate of oxygen usage) as a result of amplified oxygen absorbtion and utilization.
  • Increased exercise-till-exhaustion time.
  • Reduce recovery time after sprints and other anaerobic exercise
  • Less muscular “burn” during intense workouts
  • Increased weight-loss and decreased body.fat precentage
  • Standart athletic gains with shorter workout time
  • Maintained cardiovascular fitness during injury through low intensity workouts