The revolutionary altitude training concept – Altitude training for everyone
Low cost with maximum success


The Hypoxator was developed with the vision that every athlete can achieve the benefits of altitude training at the highest level. In developing the Hypoxator, following key points were realized. Cheap acquisition, low operating costs, high efficiency and ease of transportation. The performance increase  by hypoxia is known and accepted for a long time. In the past, hypoxia was realized by pressure chambers, Altitude chambers or nitrogen-filled tents. Currently, there are a variety of compressor nitrogen generator. These devices have high cost, and disturbing sounds during operation. In addition to a high weight of often more than 30 kg, the output values of these devices are usually not sufficient. The Hypoxator changes this. With its sophisticated technology, it will enable its athletes with a minimum of financial outlay at any time and at any place in the world altitude training to be completed at the highest level and this at low cost with virtually silent operation.

100% made in Germany